Our Story

Little Miss Keisha is a label for spirited little girls and the adults in their lives who appreciate the small things. 


The brand was born from the love and care women used to spend making and embroidering little dresses and bloomers for their children by hand. After hearing countless stories of such women and their children's clothing, the designer Keisha became mesmerised by hand embroidery and every carefully placed stitch. She was compelled  to bring back this artisianry to our modern throw away world. 


Our children deserve the best, they deserve time  and hand made things just the way it used to be when the children before us were born.


The Summer 2020 collection  incorporate's time honoured hand embroidery techniques such as smocking to take us back to a time when life was simpler. Each garment is designed by Keisha in West Australia and made of the softest 100% cotton and Linen. The garments themselves are hand made and hand smocked with love. All of our fabrics are designed in Australia and screen printed in an array of custom prints. 


Our label is not only traditional in it construction, it is also modern and bright in its fabrication and silhouette, offering a unique and bold take on children's clothing.  


Thank you for supporting us 

Lots of Love,  

Little Miss keisha