Frequently asked questions

Where is Little Miss Keisha based and designed?

Little Miss Keisha is located on the sunny coast of Western Australia! Everything is designed in house including our unique print designs and embroidery used on the garments!

Who is Little Miss Keisha?

Little Miss keisha has been in love with hand embroidery and carefully constructed pieces ever since she could tell the difference! (probably about 2 years old, lets be honest!) Since then she has grown up and gone on to study business followed by her true love, fashion design. It is here where she learnt many of the hand embroidery skills incorporated into the Little Miss Keisha range from her favourite sewing teacher before class! Keisha's aim is to design one of a kind, hand made pieces for beautiful little girls all over the world to enjoy and feel special in, just the way she felt when she was a little miss running around barefoot in the sunshine!

What is the quality of your products?

Everything in our range is completely hand made with love and care! We only use pure 100% cotton or linen fabrics because we believe our little girls deserve the very best and most comfortable items! In addition to this we have included luxe finishes on all our pieces, you can find: french seams, two inch hems, traditional smocking and embroidery and hand carved shell buttons, just to name a few! We take pride in our small scale and beautiful production and believe our garments are manufactured to the highest standard!

What is Smocking?

Smocking is an old heirloom hand embroidery technique that takes hours and hours to complete. The garment is first hand pleated and iorned to keep the pleats in place. The garment is then hand embroidered or 'smocked' in a manner that is purely for its aesthetic benefit! This includes many carefully placed fancy stitches and little roses!

Is payment secure through your website?

Yes, all of our payments are secure using Paypal and Stripe.

Can't find what you want?

Tell us what you have in mind and we will try and assist you! Email littlemisskeishathelabel@gmail.com